The 2014 BEVy Awards are here! The BEVys are a midseason awards show dedicated to handing out nonexistent (and at times, nonsensical) hardware, and recap the first half of the season. With a little help from their friends in the “Bird-O-Sphere,” the guys at Bird’s Eye View take a look at the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the Orioles’ OffenseDefenseStarters, and Bullpen.

Click on the image below for the full show.

2014 BEVys


In the meantime, please enjoy a quick preview of a couple of the BEVys handed out on this year’s show.

Here’s the full list of the awards being handed out on the show:


From Baltimore Sports Report

Best Hold of 2014


From Baltimorons

Dan Duquette Reclamation Project Award

1996 Brady Anderson Memorial “Power We Hope Isn’t Too Good to Be True” Award


From Bird’s Eye View

2014 Surprise Performance Award

2014 Best Orioles Comeback Award


From Eutaw Street

The Jim  Johnson “Why Are You You Breaking My Heart Like This, Just Let Me Love You” Award

The Alex Burnett Forgotten Man Award


From OBP

The Luis Ayala Memorial “Most Likely to Bang Your Girlfriend” Award

The Sydney Ponson “Most Likely to Get Drunk With the Fans” Award


From Orioles Uncensored

The “Bartender: Another Round!” Award


From Section 336

The Zany Orioles Quote Award