Orioles vs Yankees at Camden Yards

OK, Orioles fans, it’s time we have a little heart-to-heart. I hope you’re sitting down.

It’s mid-August, and the Orioles are in first place. They’re in first place in the AL East, and have the largest division lead in Major League Baseball. National outlets are referring to the Orioles as “favorites” without sarcasm. The Birds might not be playing meaningful games in September, because they might have this thing sown up by then.

The dog days we’ve grown accustomed to have given way to the Dong Days of Summer. This is a good team.

Now act like it.

Many of you have. Many of you are sporting your colors around town. Many of you are flocking to Twitter and message boards to support your team. I love that. I love that the fan base has found its voice again.

Now take it one step farther: show up at Camden Yards. Show up in full force. Show up in rowdy, orange-clad enthusiasm. Bask in the glow of a winning baseball team that you have waited more than a decade to see. Make Camden Yards more than a beautiful ballpark. Make it the place of home field advantage. Make it the home of the best fans in baseball. No more of this “36,000 is a good crowd” nonsense. Let’s sell these games out.

The Orioles are doing their part, both with the product on the field, and with their ticketing efforts. The Orioles recently announced a deal for select games where you can purchase a seat and get a free hot dog and Anhueser-Busch draft beer.

I’ll say that again: the Orioles are asking you to come be a part of pennant fever, and they’re sweetening the deal with a hot dog and a beer. What more do you want?

This team has been terrible on the field, and it has been terrible in its fan relations. Now that they’re finally managing to score on both fronts, it’s time for you to do your part. Orioles are poised to make 2014 a magical season. Don’t let it end before you take the time to experience it fully. More importantly, don’t allow empty seats during the home stretch.