Camden Yards - Baltimore Orioles

The Baltimore Orioles open the 2015 season in, where else but that destination known as the Trop on April 6th vs. the Tampa Bay Rays.

The home opener will be Friday April 10 (probably at 3 PM) vs. the Toronto Blue Jays. The Orioles will end the season vs. the Yankees at home October 2-4. No, this isn’t a playoff date. The season is starting a week later than normal, which moves the regular season into October in 2015.

Other highlights include the MASN Cup series with the Nats. The Orioles will host their neighbors and “business partners” to the south July 10-12. They will return the favor in DC September 21-23. This is different from the past couple years of the home/home 4-game series. It is interesting that the September series is so late in the season, but I think it will provide even more intrigue to a series gaining speed due to both teams being very competitive.

The Orioles will also travel to Citi Field in New York to take on the Mets in a mini two game series May 5-6. The Atlanta Braves come to the Yard July 27-29.

The home/home series in the NL East this year is with the Philadelphia Phillies June 15-16 (OPACY) and 17-18 at Citizens Bank Park.

If you are looking potential Orioles road trips in 2015, you won’t find one as exciting as Wrigley Field was this season. But if you are a South Beach type of person and enjoy cartoon like ballparks, then you can see your Birds play the Marlins in Miami May 22-24.

The Orioles do have a tough nine game west coast swing August 3-12 (Oakland, LA Angels, Seattle) as well as a grueling nine-game road trip coming after the All-Star Break at Detroit, New York Yankees and Tampa Bay.

The month of May has 18 of 27 games being played at OPACY, while the month of August will see the Orioles playing 16 of 28 on the road.

Baltimore Orioles 2015 Schedule