In case you hadn’t heard, Michael Vick was released from federal prison yesterday. ESPN had both exits of the town covered and still Vick managed to sneak out of town. At least we know that after nearly two years in prison, Michael Vick still has the ability to make people miss.

Seriously though, the crime Vick committed was heinous and appalling and he deserved the penalty he received. However, now that Vick has paid his dues to society, Roger Goodell should reinstate him into the NFL without further suspension.

Before that will happen, Vick will need to show Goodell that he is remorseful for his crime, something that I hope Vick is, and will show because this could be his best chance to restart his life. His meeting with Goodell could perhaps be the most important “job interview” of Vicks life, the former number one pick is auditioning for a chance to reshape the rest of his life.

Vick needs the NFL more than the NFL needs Vick.  In addition to confronting the public out rage and scrutiny his crime has stirred up among animal lovers, Vick also faces bankruptcy. As much as Vick surely wants to clear his own name by making an NFL roster, his life should not be as important as the others he directly affects. Not only does Vick have to care for himself, but he has two children.

Michael Vick needs to make the most of his meeting with Goodell because he needs the income to care for these children. The difference between a $10 an hour job, and the NFL league minimum is huge

. If Vick could make an NFL roster he would help the lives of his kids along with helping his own image on the football field. All this is contingent on an NFL team taking the chance on Vick as a player, but when Vick meets with Commissioner Goodell, he should try to impress the man who could positively change the rest of his life.