Besides the Orioles All-Stars laughing at Prince Fielder‘s triple, Mariano Rivera warming up all alone in the eighth inning was the coolest moment of the All-Star Game. He’s the greatest closer of all time and one of the game’s best people.

Even Orioles fans have to respect this Yankee.

ESPN’s SportsNation asked fans if it would be okay for their favorite team to play “Enter Sandman”, Rivera’s entrance music, when the Yankees visited during Mo’s final season. 49 states said it would be fine. One state said it wouldn’t.

Mariano  Rivera SportsNation - Enter Sandman

That state would be Maryland.

Even people in Massachusetts are okay with the Red Sox honoring Rivera with some Metallica. What do you think?

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  1. This makes me smile!

  2. I wouldn’t mind if the O’s did it in the last series of the season. He’s one of the few Yankees that I like.

  3. 43% still said no, I agree. Honor him with a ceremony or something. I respect what he has done, but to give a mental advantage to the hated Yankees in what are meaningful games for a possible playoff run, no way. He is a great player, done things the “right” way, but not going to play his music for his entrance. The Orioles are one of the few teams that actually sometimes hurt Rivera. Respect him, but do not play his music at away games. Lets go O’s!

  4. anonymous hippopotamus

    He’s still an opposing player. And if the AL East race is as tight at the end of the season as it is now, why would you celebrate him coming in the game to try and beat you? You celebrate his career, but you do it before, not during a game.

  5. While I personally don’t mind if the Orioles played it for the legend, I absolutely loved to see that little blue MD sitting out there alone. Made me smile too.

  6. To be fair, Toronto isn’t on this poll, Florida also has Miami whose fans I’m sure don’t care, and Boston owes NY a return favor for when they honored them w/ Sweet Caroline

    • F Rivera and F the Yankees. I hate people named Jason cause their name sounds like Mason, my ex-wife’s last name…..and Spy’s occupation…

  7. If he is coming into the game, it probably means the Yankees are winning and he’s about to slam the door shut (unless AJ is up). The O’s will hopefully be in a playoff race at this time. The last thing they should do is pump up the Yankees and their fans for one more save. Do something before the game if they want. But once the first pitch is thrown, he’s just another damn Yankee. Stay strong Maryland!

    • I hate people named Steve-O too. Steve was the guy’s name who was taking my wife and kids to the Orioles games on the sly. Steve was the guys name of the guy my kids were calling dad while I was at work. Those F-ing Steves!

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  9. If it’s not a save situation, I’m 100% fine with the Orioles playing Enter Sandman for Mariano’s last OPACY appearance. Mariano and Jeter are the only two Yankees I can’t hate.

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