Leading Off

This was another rough one, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that the Orioles are still within striking distance of both the AL East and the AL Wild Card race.

Are we trying to cheer you up? No. Are we trying to keep a little perspective? Maybe. Are we just terrified of a return to the Dark Ages? You betcha.

The Medical Wing


This Week on the Twitters

ICYMI: History Watch Edition

Yes, the Orioles gave up five runs or more in a lot of games in a row. We get it. It was all very interesting, but Scott Magness is not having any of it. Jake tries to slap lipstick on a pig.

But outside the five-run elephant in the room, there were some interesting baseball developments in Birdland this week:

  • Manny Machado threatened to be back.
  • Kevin Gausman wasn’t weapons-grade terrible that one time.
  • Scott snuck into the suites, almost created an international incident.
  • June is busting out all over.

Orioles Horrorscopes

Baseball is, as if life, rife with superstition. Even the most logical, intelligent fans succumb to superstition. We acknowledge curses, we say players are “due.” We love the narratives that are the least grounded in reality. Why do we do this? At a human level, we all want to know what the future holds for us.

We, here at Bird’s Eye View, have divined the meaning and purpose of the heavens, and turn our attention to the stars. We work through each astrological sign, and deliver your Orioles Horrorscope for the day.

Be sure to let us know what your Orioles Horrorscope is, as it happens. Tweet us @birdseyeviewbal and tag it with#OsHorrorscope

Fantasy Boss

Scott took home the gold in the first Fantasy Boss competition of 2017. Dylan Bundy outlasted Jake’s pick, Wade Miley, which leaves the score at 1-0 in Scott’s favor.

This week, Jake favored simplicity, and chose dongs.

Scott selected Manny Machado.

Jake went with Trey Mancini.

The tie breaker is RBIs (Jake took Adam Jones, Scott went with Jonathan Schoop).


Who will own it?

Blowing the Save


Most podcasts try to end on a high note – the perfect coda to a quality program. That’s just not our style. Each week, we’ll end on a weak note, blowing the save with an item that didn’t quite fit into the episode, or something they simply need to get off their chests. It’s our version of taking the ball and pulling a Kevin Gregg.

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