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Buckyball (the non-existent movie that the guys from Protect This Yard have created about the Baltimore Orioles 2012 season) has generated tons of buzz among O's fans here on BSR and in the Twitterverse. With the help of PTY and numerous contributions from passionate fans in Birdland, we constructed the cast of this sure-to-be blockbuster. Then Ethan posted an epic movie trailer. That got…

BSR Podcast

If Hollywood made a movie about the 2012 Orioles, who would be in the cast? The guys answer that question with the help of Cal from Protect This Yard on this week’s show.

Join Zach, Patrick and Matt for this week’s edition of the best sports podcast in Baltimore, the BSR Podcast.

The Baltimore Orioles rolled out a trailer for The BUCKle Up Boys: An Underdog Story, a highlight DVD on sale in January that covers the most memorable moments of the 2012 season. That thing is going to be 5 1/2 hours long. Fans can pre-order the DVD now for $25. It's expected to be shipped in mid-January. This has to be…