The lockout made life interesting to be a free agent. What was your experience from the last day of football all the way to camp?
After linking up with my agent, we created a strategy. I was in Long Beach working out… that was up until the draft. Then was my pro day.and then I was back home and just waiting and starting to work out. I was working out with my cousin who played in the league for a few years. I was just waiting for the call, watching the news, NFL Network trying to see what was happening. I wasn’t letting the slow process get me down. Every day i started a routine of working out. I knew any day I was going to have to be ready.

So did you have any idea that you would be signing with the Ravens?
I didn’t know exactly who would call, but I just put my faith in God and I know he had his hands on me so I knew that I would get a call from somewhere. I knew I had to be ready, whoever called.

You were playing well during your junior season in Hawaii before incurring a serious injury. What happened and what was the recovery like?
October 17th in ‘09 I ended up getting leg whipped in a game vs Idaho and it was a major setback on the flied because I was having a good junior year. I had high hopes for the entire year so that set me back a bit.I also learned a lot. It taught me how to look at the game for what it was and not take it for granted. It made me appreciate the game a lot more knowing that any time it could be taken away. and I was bless that I could get on the field again.

It took a while for me to get confident in my leg again. After the surgery and the rehab, getting back out there felt good but I was still hesitant. I took a lot of thought and prayer to understand that everything happens for a reason and help me get confident in my game again. Once I got that confidence back, I was the same.

What’s it like to be on the same playing field with future hall of famers?
It’s very nice, to say the least. I was joking with my cousin because I am a big fan of the game. and he was telling me “you can’t be a fan going in”. I am like “whatever, I’m still fan of these people.” It’s kind of surreal to be on the same team with the likes of Ray Lewis, Ed Reed- he was one of the guys I used to watch the highlights before games to get me ready. To be on the same team with these guys is unbelievable.

Why are the Ravens going to put you on the team?
If I am blessed to do this, it’s because I came in and learned the system With the lockout, it put undrafted free agents in a bind. there is no OTA’s and time to learn the system. So it comes down to anyone who comes in and grasps the offense.

Have you raced Torrey Smith yet?
No, I haven’t. I don’t plan on racing him. I don’t want to risk anything. Torrey is pretty fast. No, we haven’t had a chance to race.

Who is throwing balls to you?
I’m catching balls from all the quarterbacks. Tyrod has a laser. I’m used to snapping the ball out of the air and you have to have your hands ready for him,. He definitely whips it in there.