Aaron Rodgers addresses replacement referees in Ravens/Eagles gameIf you’re not a loyal listener to ESPN Wisconsin, you may have missed Aaron Rodgers comments about the replacement officials in the Ravens week two matchup against the Eagles in Philadelphia. Fear not, I have transcribed them for you.

“Two games in general struck me this weekend,” Rodgers said on his weekly show. “One was Baltimore/Philly and the other way the Monday night game. I thought in both of those games that player’s safety was compromised at times and the game got a little out of hand, potentially because there was so much chippiness in those two games.”

The Eagles were penalized seven times for 58 yards while the Ravens were flagged six times for 45.

“I would have expected more penalties. In two occasions in the Baltimore/Philly game there were off setting personal fouls, which really doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t send any message to the guys and nothing happens. There’s no repercussions so there’s no like 15 yard penalty on Philly and then the guy can come over and get a tongue lashing from his coach and maybe think twice about doing it again.”

Ravens fullback Vonta Leach told reporters after the game that he thought the Eagles play dirty. “That’s just how they’re coached,” Leach said according to the Baltimore Sun. “Anytime someone thinks they’re a bully, you got to step up or they’ll keep doing it,” Leach said.

And step up they did. DeSean Jackson and Cary Williams exchanged punches early in the game, Marshall Yanda and Cullen Jenkins got into it later and Leach went face-to-face with Kurt Coleman before it was all said and done.

“There was a bunch of scuffles and after the play stuff that went on,” Rodgers continued. “I think the game got a little out of hand at times.”

Like Bernard Pollard, Rodgers thinks the replacement referees lack confidence. The NFL is aware of the issue and has asked head coaches to take it easier on the new guys in week three.

I can’t imagine they will if this type of poor officiating becomes a trend over the next 14 weeks of play.

A tip of the cap to @lindseyok for tweeting the link to Rodgers interview.