Adam Jones and Ed ReedOne of the endless discussions in the sports world centers around pro athletes playing positions in different sports. Perhaps guys like Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders and even Michael Jordan have led to this odd fascination.

In an interview with Jim Rome, Orioles centerfielder Adam Jones talked about the difficulty of playing baseball everyday and how certain athletes, in particular former Ravens safety Ed Reed, would perform on the diamond.

“We (his Orioles teammates) were talking about it the other day on the bench, what other people could play baseball?” Jones told Rome. “The answer is not many. Basically zero, in terms of other sports because none of them could hit. There are tons of players that can play center fielder like Ed Reed; tons of receivers, cornerbacks can play center field. But who can go up there with a bat and hit? I think that, in all of sports, is one of the hardest things.”

Reed took batting practice with the Orioles last season. Apparently he got a few good hacks in. Like Jones, I don’t doubt his abilities on the field, but hitting is a totally different beast. There’s nothing harder in pro sports than putting that wood barrel on a ball thrown 90+ MPH.

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  1. Reed couldn’t do any worse than Jones at the plate,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,by the way Zach , the hardest thing in pro sports is being a mvp or all-pro level q-back , according to sports illustrated………………….

  2. anonymous hippopotamus

    I can see it now:

    “Bases loaded, no outs. It’s a long fly-ball to deep center field, way back, way back and a leaping catch by Ed Reed! Now he’s running around in the outfield. He’s running to left field and laterals the ball to Nate McLouth. All three runners score and Reed is down on the field and appears to be hurt. He’s clutching his left hamstring and his ribs at the same time! What an amazing catch and subsequently terrible play in the field by Reed. And the crowd in Baltimore is on their feet cheering ‘REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!'”

    • Don’t know who the “Hippo” is, but I like his/her style.

      You just forgot one thing, Hippo, Reed would verbally abuse the team in the offseason and despite being one of the highest paid players talk about being “disrespected”.

      Idiot fans would forget all about it and the scenario you described. SportsCenter would just show the circus catch and not the nonsense afterwards. The legend would live on!

  3. Reed could not play CF in my jock strap!

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