Following Nolan Reimold and the Orioles 10th inning walk off win against the Chicago White Sox, Adam Jones exchanged a few words with Sox manager Ozzie Guillen after the Orioles scrum at home plate.

Jeff Zrebiec of The Sun, writes that he saw Jones in the back of the pack yelling back at the visitor’s dugout.  Jones later told Zrebiec that he was talking to Guillen.  “Him and I go back to forth. It’s part of the competition,” Jones said.

Zrebiec writes that he didn’t think the banter was playful, but that it was likely reaction to the frustration Guillen had after the Orioles ended the Sox five-game winning streak as Chicago attempts to contend in the A.L. Central.

“I’m protecting myself and protecting my team, Jones said.  “He’s protecting himself and his team. It’s part of the game.”