Adam Jones high fives Chris Davis after second home run against Red SoxFor years the Boston Red Sox would roll into Baltimore and their fans in the local surrounding areas (Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Severna Park, etc.) would take over Camden Yards for the duration of the series. Even some of the die-hard Baltimore fans grew so tired of seeing their beloved home stadium turn into a see of red that they decided to watch these games from home.

There was only one cure for eliminating Fenway South. No, it wasn’t more cowbell. It was winning.

Who would want to travel from Boston to see their favorite team get beat on the road?

On Friday night, the Orioles won their seventh game of the season against the Red Sox. They’ve only lost twice. The Birds are 4-1 against Boston at home, 2-1 in Fenway. This trend is nothing new. The Orioles went 13-5 against the Red Sox last year, winning five of their six series. Baltimore has won 15 of their last 20 and 25 of their last 35 overall games against the Red Sox.

Under Buck Showalter, the Orioles are 30-20 against the Red Sox, 16-10 at home, 14-10 in Boston.

“I told Big Papi, this isn’t Fenway South anymore,” Adam Jones told’s Steve Melewski after the Orioles 6-0 win on Friday. “This is Camden Yards.”