Orioles Attendance Remains A Conern“He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.”

Benjamin Franklin – Diehard Orioles fan

It took four games against the first place White Sox for 47,035 fans to come through the turnstiles at Camden Yards. The Baltimore Orioles attendance issues seem to be grabbing more headlines these days than the pennant contending team.

In four games against Chicago the Orioles drew 10,955, 12,841, 13,098 and 10,141.

After taking three of four in the series, Adam Jones hopped on Twitter and let Baltimore know how he feels.

Jones did acknowledge the increase in MASN viewership this season.

But AJ doesn’t want to hear excuses about downtown traffic caused by the Baltimore Grand Prix. This race has become the Orioles fan’s reasoning for their poor attendance. I traveled to the games on Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon and didn’t hit any extra traffic.

Jones’ complaints are valid. He’s just asking for the fan base to be passionate about the quality product they’ve put on the field all season long.

And he gives credit to the few who have shown up to support the Birds.

For the record, Jones is 100 percent right about Baltimore selling out M&T Bank Stadium for the Ravens and not making excuses. Orioles fans have been complaining about walk up fees, traffic patterns and ticket prices to make themselves feel better about not supporting a winning baseball team after previously promising they would. It’s sad.

Folks with axes to grind will tell you that ownership deserves the empty seats or that the organization should discount tickets to bring fans back after 14 seasons of losing. But they’re the same people who shell out $100 to watch two fake football games and support a league who made $9 billion last year, but is too stingy to properly compensate their own officials.

These same folks have stood by as the Ravens killed a Baltimore tradition, removing open training camp from Westminster and flocked like sheep to the Naval Academy, Stevenson University and downtown to the stadium and paid to park to watch one of the few remaining practices we’re graced with.

No more excuses. Pack the Yard.