What would happen if Adam Jones faced Jim Palmer in his prime?  Jones answered that and many more questions in a live online Q&A with MASNSports.com‘s Amber Theoharis on Wednesday afternoon.

“I would slap Jim Palmer around,” Jones quickly responded.  “I told Palmer that,” he laughed with Amber.

Jones added that Palmer would have more difficulty today with umpires using a smaller zone. “They had that chest high strike zone back then.”

Jones was clearly being humorous in his answers about facing Palmer and appears to have a good relationship with the Oriole legend.  AJ discussed a desire for the Orioles to share more about their history with fans through classic videos on the jumbotron before games.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the Q&A, you missed out.  Jones talked about slump busters (the on the field variety), Cap’n Crunch French Toast and being heckled by angry Canadians in Toronto.

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  1. […] this under “good-natured jab,” not “trash talk,” but it’s still fun: What would happen if Adam Jones faced Jim Palmer in his prime?  Jones answered that and many more […]

  2. Ha Ha Ha. He would slap around Palmer one time. The next time up he would get beaned in his freaking dome. You don’t want to be the baseball version of Sergio Kindle…do you?

  3. Nails,

    Haven’t you learned by now, even breathing the slightest negative tone about the “Darlings of Baltimore”, I.e. – the Ravens, brings out all the nutcases threatening your life, family, and anything else sacred to you. Leave it alone, don’t bring up any miscues the team may have made.

  4. Lol at the Nails/MGW circle jerk.

    • You are funny Anon-factor. Everyone knows it takes 3 for a circle jerk. Are you interested in joining?

      Anon, is that what your mother named you because 1 of several people could be your daddy?

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