Adam Jones rocks stirrups

It wasn’t all bad for the Orioles Tuesday. Despite losing 3-2 to the Royals, Adam Jones rocked some “horribly awesome” stirrups. His RBI triple in the top of the ninth nearly sent the game to extras.

Folks on Twitter told Jones he looked like Frank Robinson on Tuesday as he rocked the old school look. What do you think?

Frank Robinson

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  1. I have been telling him since he started regularly wearing high socks that he should wear stirrups. I loved it. Now if only they were orange. Does the MLB have a uniform rule like the NFL where they have to decide the colors for certain uniform pieces before the season and stick with them throughout?

  2. He uses these as a guide,,,,,,,,,,don’t swing at any curve balls or sliders below the tops of my socks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,too bad it’s not working……………….

    Seriously , we need his bat to spring back to life for us to make a serious run at the playoffs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,get with it Adam………………..

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