Adam Jones - Baltimore Orioles CFer

People accuse me on the old twitter machine of being a homer all the time. Well, this little post won’t do anything to squash those views.

As the Orioles start a nine game roadie through the “Rustbelt” tonight in Cleveland, I would like to pose a question to anyone within ear shot:

Is Adam Jones a Viable AL MVP Candidate?

At post time, Jones is slashing .287/.316/.485 with an absurd .800 OBS in 487 AB’s. He has 23 HR’s and 75 RBI to go along with playing a Gold Glove center field. He’s played in every game this season (119) and was the starting AL All Star centerfielder this year. Hell, the free swinging @SimplyAJ10 even has 15 free passes so far this season.

So why then isn’t his name being brought up for the AL MVP award? All I hear is Mike Trout this and King Felix that, yada, yada, yada. And it’s not like those stud players aren’t worthy of the consideration, because they are .

But it just feels like Jones doesn’t garner the same type of national attention around MLB as those guys. Is it because the Orioles offense is so damn potent around him? Maybe, but in my opinion if the Orioles were to lose him in the lineup, I’m not so sure this offensive juggernaut would continue to mash.

An MVP usually has signature moments in the season that people can look back at and say, “that’s why he won the MVP award.” For Jones, this last Wednesday night vs. the Yankees might be the one we look back upon if he is awarded. Not only did he hit the 3-run bomb in the bottom of the 8th that might have buried the Yankees for good, but he did it with the flare only Jonesy can show as he fired up the whole team/city.

And let’s not over look the fact that he is the defacto Captain of the USS Oriole without having some hacky “C” on his jersey. You ask anyone in that locker room who their captain is and I’m willing to wager a large sum of cash the overwhelming answer you hear is Jones. Markakis is the quiet leader, but it’s Jones that is the vocal leader. He also is charge of keeping the guys loose with the pie bit and the other team chacainery that goes on. Good team chemistry can not be over looked in baseball.

I know it sounds like I’m AJ’s hype man, but it seems like someone needs to. I’ll be his Flavor Flav any day of the week if he continues to crank out MVP type performances as his team marches to an AL East Title and hopefully a lengthy run in the postseason.

And when all the dust settles here’s hoping it’s the “Pie Man” himself that is wiping away a Peanut Butter Custer from his eyes after accepting some well deserved hardware. #AJ4ALMVP