How many times will John Harbaugh stick up for Cam Cameron’s poor game planning?  Too many if you ask me.

Harbaugh answered questions about Monday night’s debacle against the Jaguars and even said that he agreed with Terrell Suggs’ comments about Ray Rice’s lack of playing time.  Harbs denied the ESPN rumor that Rice was being benched, but said that he has “to get more than eight carries.”

After a year in which many thought Cameron would lose his job as the team’s offensive coordinator, the Ravens brought him back in 2011 as his seat remains hot.  “Cam’s got broad shoulders; he’s a tough guy,” Harbaugh said on Tuesday according to Ryan Mink of  “And he’s been doing this for a long time, and everybody in this building respects him, and nobody’s going to fight harder to make this offense achieve what it’s capable of achieving.”

Harbaugh gave the politically correct answer and one that he has to give as the team’s head coach, but the truth is that Cameron just hasn’t proven that he can put together any sort of consistency with this offense.  No matter what weapons the Ravens seem to bring in on offense, a big and physical wide receiver; dual tight ends, a bruising fullback or a speedy downfield threat, the result always seems to be the same.

Hopefully someone else has noticed.