This just in: The American League East is the best division in baseball.  Yes, even better than the up-and-coming National League East.

MASN’s Steve Melewski dissected the AL East versus NL East head-to-head match ups and found that once again the Orioles play in baseball’s toughest division.

Against NL East foes, the Yankees are 9-0 this season, the Orioles are 6-3, the Blue Jays are 6-6, the Rays are 6-6 and the last place Red Sox are 4-5.  That’s a combined record of 31-20 and 12 of 17 series wins.

Orioles pitchers recorded a 1.38 ERA in Atlanta over the weekend and took their first series against the Braves after previously losing seven of their last game against them.

Meanwhile at Natitude Park, the Nationals were swept in three games by the Yankees.

Perhaps one day the NL East will take over reign as baseball’s most grueling division, but it won’t be in 2011.