Orioles at Rangers Wild Card preview
Image Credit: Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Rany Jazayerli just made a whole lot of friends in Baltimore. Count me as one of them.

The Grantland columnist and founder of Baseball Prospectus previewed Friday night’s American League Wild Card matchup between the Baltimore Orioles and Texas Rangers and picked our beloved O’s as the winner. Good on you, Rany.

Here’s his logic.

So we’re throwing caution to the wind here. We went through the looking glass on the Orioles’ season a long time ago. Nothing about this Baltimore team has made sense all year long, so why should it start now? The Orioles win, and then set their sights on the Yankees. If I were Jeffrey Maier, I’d be very afraid right now.

Ugh. That kid.

UPDATE: Turns out the Sporting News also picked the Orioles to win.