With 13 weeks in the books, it’s not too early to start thinking playoffs in the NFL.  After a disappointing loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night, the Ravens fell from a top seed opportunity to more likely a wild card road warrior.

Yahoo! Sports playoff scenario generator has projected that the Ravens will finish the season 11-5, with their fifth loss coming against the the New Orleans Saints in two weeks.  Here is the most realistic scenario according to the projections.

  • New England defeats their final four opponents to secure the number one seed in the AFC
  • Pittsburgh falls to the Jets in week 15, but locks up the second seed in the AFC with a 12-4 record.
  • Kansas City finishes 4-0 and takes the third seed
  • Jacksonville finishes 4-0 and takes the fourth seed
  • New York bounces back and finishes 4-0 to lock up the fifth seed
  • Which leaves the Ravens in the sixth seed against the Chiefs on the road.

The Ravens could move into the fifth seed with a Jets loss and a perfect finish to the season.  Although three losses could easily turn over the sixth seed to the Chargers if they were able to finish 3-1.  The Jets have a difficult road to the fifth seed though, facing Miami, Pittsburgh and Chicago.

The Ravens have proven that they can win playoff games in the road and that will more than likely be the challenge they will face in four short weeks.