A gentle giant out of the gate
A BIG part of Baltimore’s fearsome “D” that to this day Cowboy fans still hate

In sixty-seven he was drafted number one
Charles Aaron Smith, described by his teammates as “one tall son of a gun”

Baltimore football fans knew him as Bubba Smith
And for five years he made another occupation opposing quarterbacks wish

Fearsome off the snap, Agile and tall
He often made offensive lineman look awful small

Against the Namath lead Jets he barely looked alive
but he settled the score in Super Bowl Five

Lining up next to Billy Ray and Mad Dog, he was just one of the guys
But in the heart of Colt fans, Bubba was the prize

Gone from us now is one of the greats
Not Hightower or the pitchman for Miller, but gold old number seventy eight.

Will Wilt is a lifelong Baltimore sports fan and contributor to BaltimoreSportsReport.com