Mike Trout loses Gold Glove to Adam JonesI figured they would be.

Angels fans over at Halos Heaven, SB Nation’s local fan blog, have been ripping Adam Jones’ defense since he won the Gold Glove over Mike Trout on Tuesday night. Rev Halofan wrote a strong piece on why Trout should have been honored over AJ, citing defensive metrics dWAR and DRS.

Commenters on the post however have not been as levelheaded.

Can’t wait for Yoenis Cespedes to win rookie of the year
And Curtis Granderson to win the Silver Slugger

Now that’ll be hilarious.

I’m done with baseball if this happens.
I’m done with baseball if the ROY isn’t a unanimous decision.

Sure you are.

Why is this a surprise?
It seems like the best fielders rarely win the gold gloves. I honestly wonder if they just throw darts at names to pick them most years.

That’s exactly how winners are announced.

Trout has the Web Gem of the year
And doesn’t get a Gold Glove. Go f–k yourself voters.

Yeah, coaches and managers around baseball!

This just goes to show how jealous and petty other teams can be.
They’d rather vote like this than admit that Trout is better than every player on their team.

Jealous of the $154 million team that missed the playoffs?