Brian MatuszThe angry mob was out in full force on Thursday and even blamed skipper Buck Showalter for the Orioles 3-2 loss to the White Sox. “This one is on Buck,” one angry fan tweeted. “Buck fell asleep at the wheel,” another yelled from the Twitter rooftops.

After rallying back in the top of the eighth inning to tie the game at two, White Sox slugger Adam Dunn did what Adam Dunn does — no, not walk, but hit a home run.

Dunn’s bomb come off of Tommy Hunter, who despite not allowing a home run in his last 17 appearances is known around the Twitterverse for giving up the long ball. Showalter had the lefty, Brian Matusz, warming up to face Dunn, who has hit just .162/.284/.338 against southpaws this season.

So what was Buck thinking?!?!?

Come on people. If you examine it a bit closer you’ll see that Adam Dunn was a career 0-for-5 with three strikeouts in his career against Hunter. He was 1-for-1 against Matusz. In Hunter’s previous nine outings, he has held opponents to a .108/.132/.189 slash, pitched to a 1.64 ERA, walked one and struck out 9 in 11 innings pitched.

Over that same span, opponents have hit.371/.400/.486 off Matusz, he’s pitched to a 6.48 ERA, walked three and struck out four over 8.1 innings pitched.

Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. In this case, Showalter made the right move, but the Orioles still lost. That’s baseball.

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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I wish all these fans would just go back to watching Ravens feeds for what Ray Rice had for lunch instead of the Orioles. It would give me far fewer headaches.

  2. anonymous hippopotamus

    Didn’t even bother to go on tiwtter yesterday. Not enough excedrin in the world could’ve prevented a headache I would’ve received from the Ravens fans…

  3. I think most of the Ravens fans are still admiring the world championship rings the Ravens obtained for them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Those guys know how to please their fans because they want them to be their fans , something the O’s forgot about the previous fourteen years,,,,,,,,,,yea , I still remember it because it can happen again and quick if the don’t watch out………………….

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