An angry Matt Wieters gets tossed in Tuesday's Orioles-Blue Jays game.Orioles catcher Matt Wieters got fired up on Tuesday night in Toronto. Down 8-1, Wieters got into an argument with home-plate umpire Doug Eddings and was ejected from the game in the fifth inning.

Baltimore reliever Miguel Gonzalez threw two pitches to Rajai Davis that looked like strikes, but were called balls by Eddings.  Davis took advantage and singled up the middle driving in the Blue Jays eighth run of the game.

Wieters snapped and told Eddings that his calls were “terrible.”  (That’s the only lip reading I could do from the video).

An epic GIF of Wieters’ tirade is after the bump.

Some criticized the O’s catcher for getting tossed and making Baltimore rely on Ronny Paulino for the rest of the game.  Paulino came up in Wieters’ spot with the bases loaded and two outs, but failed to capitalize and grounded out to second.

I can’t blame Wieters for losing his cool.  In fact, I think you could as as far as crediting him for firing up the bench and sticking up for his pitchers.

Baltimore scored five unanswered runs after he was tossed.