Red SoxBack from the left coast and recharged like an iPhone 5, I’m ready to dive right into what is the biggest series to date so far for the Birds of Baltimore.

It starts tonight “In The House Cal Built” as the first place Boston Red Sox and their annoying fan base invade the friendly confines of OPACY for a monster three-game weekend series.

Sitting exactly four games back of the Sox, the Orioles are coming off a post AS break roadie going a respectable 4-3 in their trips thru Arlington, Texas and Kansas City.

Of course, I say respectable because the trip started off with a bang only Jenna Jamison in her prime would know as the O’s swept the Rangers real good. Clutch hitting, combined with some outstanding starting pitching was the Texas recipe that propelled Buck’s Birds to a season high 13 games over .500 as they headed to KC for a 4 game series.

And in game 1, newly acquired Scott Feldman had his best start as an Oriole going a strong 8 innings in the 9-2 thumping of the Royals.

But what transpired over the last three days in the house George Brett built has Orioles Nation on high anxiety alert.

It all started Tuesday night when the Birds could only muster two stinking runs on former Oriole Bruce “don’t call me Wei Yen” Chen. Plenty of opportunities were left on the Kauffman Stadium infield as the O’s had the tying run at 3rd base with NO OUTS. Add in the first half MVP, Chris Davis was batting and everyone in the 410 thought it was as easy as a Billy Cundiff field goal that they would AT least tie the game. But like the former Ravens “kicker”, it wasn’t meant to be as Davis struck out followed by J.J. Hardy’s weak ground out and Henry Uttutia soft ground out to end it.

But no worries, right? The Orioles have been the best team in the AL in coming back after losses to win. And it looked like that tried and true formula was ready to unveil itself as Wei-Yen Chen was down right filthy after giving up a 1st inning HR to Eric Hosmer and the O’s were up 3-1 going into the bottom of the 8th inning. But Hosmer hit another bomb (2-run shot) that tied the game and those gutty, little Royals walked it off in the 9th.

And Thursday night’s “performance” reeked of a lazy, can’t wait to get home team and it showed in the 7-1 loss. Lifeless was one of the countless adjectives that was trending on twitter after the final out was secured. That is why I tweeted “This 4-3 road trip was as mis-leading as Ryan Braun‘s apology. #Orioles

Listen, I’m not one to fall off a wagon after a couple losses. I’m not even one that uses the phrase “must win” unless it’s a mid/late-September tilt with a division foe you are trailing. That’s the beauty of baseball. Never too high, never too low. But what I will say is that this series AT HOME vs. my most hated team in all of sports means more than your average series and here’s why.

If the Sox and their uncontrollably, annoying “fans” come in and take 2 out of 3, then the Orioles will find themselves five games back, which doesn’t seem like a lot right now. But remember the Rays of Tampa never lose now and at print time poses a 3.5 game lead on the Birds for the Wild Card spot. I’m under the belief that only 2 teams will make it out of this rugged division to the playoffs and I still think (and said so before the season) that the Rays will win the AL East.

So with that fuzzy math, you can see why that every game with the Sox is as important as any.

Head to head record in the division could also be a determining factor for tie situations as well. Of course the Orioles just last month took 3 of 4 from the Sox at the Yards and anything short of taking 2 of 3 could further hinder their chances at becoming that 2nd team to make it out of the AL East. And it’s not like the Sox have been killing it of late going a mediocre 5-5 in their last ten and just lost 2 of 3 (last night rained out) to the aforementioned white-hot Rays.

So let’s fill the Yards this weekend with Orange and Black and send those new Red Sox hats paired with the tight Manny Ramirez free t-shirted donks back up (or down) Interstate 95 with a sour taste in their mouths.

Hell, let’s make that sour taste the orange koolaid variety shall we?


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Known to his family as Josh Angulo-Bartlett, “Jabby Burns” has been in the Charm City via the sunny beaches of San Diego since 2000. He’s worked for the Baltimore Orioles and created his own blog ( in addition to hosting radio shows on ESPN 1300 (Chalk Talk) and the Internet based BT Sports Radio. Jabby is regular contributor to BSR, and co-host of the BSR Podcast.


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  2. It was so fun being at that series last September when Red Sox Island was so quiet and despondent. I’m sure they’ll be back in full throat, all the way up from Virginia, to voice their love fof “their team”. Agreed, let send them back down 495 quietly.

  3. Hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. Unless the bats show up to silence the Boston faithful, it is going to get worse with each passing game. CD, AJ, Nick, Matt, time to put up. The Birds need two outta three to keep it interesting with fifty something games to play.

  4. In a five man rotation a starting pitcher gets approximately 35 starts a season. Since his call up last season Chris Tillman has made 35 starts. He is 21-6 in those starts. Match that up with any other so called high priced Ace. He made his 36th start tonight and leaves after 7 innings only able to be a winner. The O’s have an Ace and a nice two in Chen and a nice 3 in Gonzalez.

  5. UPDATE: Tillman is now 22-6 in 36 starts since his call up last year. Take that Zach Greinke.

  6. I’m a high ranking general in #TeamTillman Army. If you want in, we’ll have you now.

  7. So, by annoying fan base, you mean one that actually shows up for their team’s games, even at home. Great to see the O’s winning but their fans are still weak.

    • As the great “MGW” would say… The “Dicky Eklunds” are out in force…

    • LMAO Ethan. One bad season, 2012, and the Fenway Rats jumped ship faster than a sinking turd. Get over yourself and know your history before shooting off your mouth.

      Typical Dicky Eklund Red Sox fan.

  8. Ethan, thanks for reading.

    But you have to say your “fan base” is a bit annoying trying to make it all about them in other teams ballparks. Totally with u on the support angle, but how would SoxNation deal with 14 straight losing seasons? They didn’t sell out after ONE bad season (2012, BValentine).
    Rocks are tough to throw from glass houses, my friend.

  9. Plus, the O’s have owned the BSox of late to the tune of 6 of 8 in 2013 so far and 20 of the last 30 since Buck took over. Add in since “The curse of the Andino” (20 of 27) and you can clearly see why Fenway South is no more. More like Camden North.

  10. Hey Ethan, you guys still have not gotten over the fact that the Orioles were the team the ended your 820 home game (fake) sell out streak?! On the other hand, we appreciate the Boston faithful spending their hard earned New England money at the Yard.

  11. I don’t think it’s “The House Cal Built”… He did nothing for OPACY… I actually would have to say it’s “The House That the 2012/2013 Orioles Built”… And That’s a stretch for me to say it but I think it’s more along that way instead of Calpie…

    • Agree , what did Cal do other than play a long time,,,,,,,,,,what single season batting category did he lead in and what year ? Single season batting stats are a true sign of what you did against your peers,,,,,how long did he play and how many single season batting records does he hold ????????????? Don’t think too hard , he really

  12. Ravens2488, I liked watching Ripken growing up and to me it seemed like he was ALWAYS going to be playing with the ballclub, but let’s just say I was (and still am) an ORIOLES fan.Here are the facts, two of the most historic games played at Camden Yards are the ones where he tied and then broke Gehrig’s consecutive games played streak. He has a statue at the ballpark and his number retired there, and he obviously has the most games played at Oriole Park of any of their hall of famers. People to this day still wear his shirts and jerseys.

    While I do not think there is anyone player who “built Camden Yards” I’m pretty sure Cal had a case for being a marketable player at a franchises’s new stadium in the 90s when it sold out for the better part of it’s first seven seasons. Yeah there may be some fans that don’t like him, but whilce I can only speak for myself I have yet to hear any effective arguments about Cal’s popularity with the franchise and baseball itself…..

    I also think it’s more accurate to say since Buck Showalter and the Orioles front office have helped to turn the ballclub back into a contender, that they have helped breathe a little new life in Oriole Park and getting people hyped up about going to the game. Our beautiful ballpark though it may not be old by almost any standard it does have a little more history going on than just the 14 losing seasons followed by the Buck Showalter era.

    • Cal was marketed by Angelos and was shoved down our throats for too many years because they didn’t have anything else to offer ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,they were a lousy ball club and Ripken led the way,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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