Anquan Boldin - 49ers wide receiver - Erased From Existence Back To The FutureAnquan Boldin was on pace for an historic season. He was going to be the league’s MVP and NFL experts were already discussing how foolish the Baltimore Ravens were for trading him to the 49ers for a sixth round pick. Some even went as far as to say it “may be the worst trade in NFL history.

Boldin lit the world on fire with 13 catches for 208 yards and a touchdown in San Francisco’s 34-28 victory in week one against the Packers. After being named NFC Offensive Player of the Week, everyone expected that Q would have the biggest season of his 11 year career.

Then, suddenly in week two — he vanished.

Erased from existence.

In the 9ers 29-3 loss in Seattle on Sunday night football, Boldin had just one catch and seven yards more than you and I did. Now the league’s best receiver (after 60 minutes of the NFL season), is on pace for seven catches and 107.5 yards per game.

Over reacting about one individual’s performance in the first game of the season is a joke. Boldin is a quality receiver and will likely be a key contributor in San Francisco, but he’s not the stud we saw in week one.

He’s also not the goat we saw in week two.

It’s a long year, let’s all just take a step back and try not to make too many quick reactions after the first two weeks of the season.