Anquan Boldin complains about referees after Ravens loss to SteelersIt’ll be back-to-back fines for Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Anquan Boldin. He was slapped with a $7,875 fine for his personal foul in San Diego in week 12 and his postgame criticisms of the officiating crew in week 13 will definitely cost him a few shekels.

“They were making bad calls all night,” he said. “I know they don’t want me to say it, but it’s what it was. You can’t allow a guy to hold and then when a receiver breaks free, call a pass interference. You can’t have it both ways. If you’re going to allow us to play football, let us play football. Guys want to hold, I know how to get a guy off of me. But you can’t just let the guy hold somebody and then complain about a guy throwing somebody off when he’s trying to get out on a route.”

Boldin was flagged for pass inteference on 3rd and 11 from the Ravens 38-yard line on the Ravens first series of the third quarter.

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  1. Hey FellsPointChris… How about Flacco’s impressive game of 188 yards yesterday? Add that to the other 6-7 bad games he had this year. Did you see all those under/over throws of his? He sucked again!

    • amazing how people never played pro football always have comments(which you are entitled to by the way)Joe averages 9 wins a season in 5 years and have never missed a game, its the nfl dude i guess you prefer kyle boller

  2. Boldin could have made up for it by catching the 2 first down catches he dropped.

  3. Maybe next time he won’t push the CB with both arms fully extended. Even better, don’t commit a false start penalty the very next play. GENIUS!

  4. Although i agree, Flacco didn’t have a great performance, there were a good amount of other players that should take accountability for their sloppy play last night. I probably could’ve thrown for 300 yards against our D last night…. no pass rush, Miller was open like every play, AGAIN they couldn’t stop the run, Ray Rice not getting enough touches.

    After Leach blew up Hampton, that should have been enough motivation to run the ball every down…

  5. Okay Baltimore Fans we can’t win every game, we had a bad game, try not to be front runners and give your analysis on the nfl game that you have never played. Your are entitled to your opinion of course, but if it is that easy wouldn’t we all be playing in the NFL

  6. MATT

    We’re commenting on football, not neurosurgery.

    It’s really pretty simple, you have one of the most dynamic players in the league in Rice, you get him the ball.

    You have a quarterback who’s consistently inconsistent, you try to have him minimize his mistakes.

    Any schmoo can see that Harbaugh does not know Xs and Os. He also should hand the challenge flag to someone who understands the game situations a little better.

    While he’s at it, let another coach managed the clock for him, too.

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