Who knew?

Apparently Orioles outfielder David Lough is totally ripped. Like three percent body fat, ripped. Here’s a shirtless pic of Lough featured in ESPN The Magazine:

And here’s a snippet of the feature on Lough:

DAVID LOUGH MADE what some considered the catch of the year in a late-April game against the Royals. Thanks to an incredibly strong core, the 28-year-old is able to sustain impact to his body, which he says is all part of the team effort. Lough may be 10th in the AL with nine defensive runs saved this season, but his rate is similar to that of Kansas City's Alex Gordon, the league leader. Not to mention that the O's are on top of the AL East (as of Aug. 11). Here, he talks with The Mag about how a low body fat of 3 percent gives him the energy to stay fast on the field.