I had the luxury of spending a beautiful Memorial Day watching the Chicago White Sox keep the Orioles in first place by beating the Tampa Bay Rays in a 2-1 squeaker.

While moseying through the concourse, I noticed a display documenting the exciting last day of the 2011 season. You remember? The one where Robert Andino and gang knocked the Red Sox out of the postseason with some late inning heroics. Well, right next to the poster showing the Rays beating the Yankess to clinch the wild card was this poster, showing the Orioles celebrating victory.

I only bring this up, because a few weeks ago, Evan Longoria seemed to take offenseto some comments on Twitter from our faithful follower @NardDog13 after @NardDog13 mentioned “Hey Evan, The O’s did YOUR dirty work for YOU last September. How quickly you forget…” If the organization can allow for the displays  in the stadium to document the importance of the Orioles in last year’s Rays success, then I think Mr. Longoria should be doing the same.