After attending the Caps/Rangers game this past Monday, I realized a few things. Let me first add that I was sitting four rows off the ice, as this signifies the premise for this article. When you sit that close you see almost every type of fan you can imagine. I’m definitely a people watcher (not in a creepy way) and I am rather observant when it comes to situations like this. I love to watch how people react to certain things and try and figure out what exactly is going through their mind when they make their feelings public. Obviously I was into the game because I love the Caps, but the entertainment didn’t stop when the puck did. Here are some of the categories that I divided my fellow fans into.

The diehard

You know exactly who I’m talking about here. It’s the guy (or girl in some cases) that is decked out from head to toe in Caps gear and takes everything that happens in the game personal. He thinks every call should go the Caps way. And if the ref makes a call he doesn’t approve of, which is 99.9% of the time, he either yells “Ref, you suck,” or if he’s close enough to the glass, he bangs on it as hard as he possibly can. In the tragic event the Caps lose, you better stay as far away from him as possible because if you look at him the wrong away it could cost you a couple teeth.

The enemies

The away fans. They’re always there and they stick out like a sore thumb. Some of them are smart enough to keep their mouths shut, but others suffer from diarrhea of the mouth. I understand that people are going to cheer for their team no matter what city they are in, but some people just don’t know when to realize they’re better off cheering in their head rather than out loud. They’re always in a lose-lose situation because it doesn’t matter if their team wins or loses, they are the most unpopular people in the building.

The yeller

He gets the “Let’s go Caps” chants started and keeps them going throughout the entire game while keeping the same loud and clear tone. I’m just curious to know how he keeps his voice because I didn’t yell nearly as much as him and I’ve been talking like a lifetime smoker for the past two days. After talking with a few guys in my section, I found out this guy has been on a few commercials and the Caps actually give him two seats for every game. Hell, I’ll start chants if they want to give me two free seats to every home game. But I have to admit; he is one of a kind.

The businessman

His appearance consists of slicked back hair, a perfectly pressed dress shirt, some sort of gaudy jewelry, slacks and shiny black dress shoes. He’s usually drinking some sort of mixed drink instead of beer and he’s usually checking his Blackberry instead of watching the game. He’s there because he can be, not necessarily because he wants to be. This is the guy us real sports fans despise (are jealous of) because we feel like he is occupying a spot in the arena we are more deserving of.

The arrogant “I’m here every game” fan

It doesn’t take very long to figure out who this guy is. He’s the one who acts like he owns the place because he attends every home game. When someone behind him says something he doesn’t approve of, he gives them the look (you know what look I’m talking about) and proceeds to roll his eyes before returning to his normal position. This is the guy you just have to laugh at because of how much of a 13-year-old girl he acts like.

The “I’m just happy to be here” fan

This is I. I’m a huge Caps fan and I thoroughly enjoy going to games any chance I get. You’ll see me with my Caps gear on, a beer in my hand, yelling at the refs when the situation calls for it and getting along with and talking to fellow Caps fans. I love and appreciate the atmosphere and feel fortunate to even be there. Most of the fans fall into this category, but there are always those few groups of people who just make you scratch your head.

Submitted by Steve Giles