I can’t take the credit for asking this question. I heard Mark Zinno talking about this last week and I fear that for the first time I might have to agree with him.

Here are a list of the Ravens‘ signings this off season.


  • Domonique Foxworth – 26 years old
  • Chris Carr – 25 years old
  • Matt Birk – 32 years old
  • L.J. Smith – 28 years old
  • Ray Lewis – 33 years old

The Ravens are also looking at Orlando Pace, 33, and some have reported that they are interested in Torry Holt, 32. Assuming the Ravens get Pace and Holt the average age of their off season acquisitions would be just under 30 years old.

Here are a list of the players the Ravens lost/cut in the off season.

  • Samari Rolle – 32 years old
  • Chris McAlister – 31 years old
  • Bart Scott – 28 years old
  • Jim Leonhard – 26 years old
  • Corey Ivy – 31 years old
  • Jason Brown – 25 years old

The average age of the Ravens’ losses this season 28.8 years old.

So why the concern over one year? Because I fear that the Ravens made it into the AFC Championship with a banged up squad in 2008 and now they think they can win this season by bringing in veterans. Do the Ravens think that a 32 year old center and a 33 year old tackle can make the difference for them in 2009?

I liked the direction the Ravens were headed in before 2008. It might still be too early to tell what Ozzie is doing, but I hope that they bring young talent here in Baltimore instead of guys that think this is their year.