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As the statement on indicates, Ed Reed will be allowed to play against San Diego on Sunday with a slightly lighter pocket. Of course, the $423,529 game check would’ve been a bit more steep than the $50,000 fine he will now face. Here’s what the league’s hearing official, Ted Cottrell, had to say to Reed: “I have […]

Tom Matte, Baltimore Colt legend and local sports media personality, is doing an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit at the moment. Some topics that have already come up include hatred of Bob Irsay, bounties during his playing days, and of course that fresh and interesting “is Joe Flacco ‘elite?'” question. It’s a pretty candid session […]

Few people, especially football coaches, will publicly acknowledge a moral victory. It’s seen as settling for less than success, which is of course a one-way path to unemployment in pro and big-time college sports. However, I believe moral wins and losses do happen. Sometimes you lose a game, but you take away from it a […]

Orioles victory leap

Thank you, 2012 Baltimore Orioles. Thank you for reminding us that baseball can be fun, even more so when you’re playing for keeps. Thank you for reminding us that the game is not rigged. Maybe a little tilted, but not rigged. The powers that be can be disrupted by a special group of people. The […]

Some rapid reaction to the Ravens’ 9-6 snoozefest win over the Chiefs: The Ravens are a good football team who are going to win between 10 and 13 games. Not all of them are going to be pretty. Today certainly was not. The Chiefs couldn’t make the Ravens pay for any of their mistakes, and they made […]

162 games in the books, and a lot left to be decided. Since we’ve got a day off of baseball today, let’s take a moment to reflect and hand out some awards! These are the winners of all the major baseball awards if only the Orioles were eligible to win them. Rolaids Relief Man Award […]

A.J. Francis is hands-down the best Maryland athlete to follow on Twitter. He’s smart, opinionated, funny and “gets it” in terms of life beyond football. He also made the best analysis of the Randy Edsall Era so far during tonight’s presidential debate: You’ll notice that this tweet is both RT’d and favorited. Regardless of your […]