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I parted ways amicably from BSR on January 1 to pursue other endeavors. We didn’t make a big announcement because honestly, who cares? However, the guys were gracious enough to ask for guest post on the occasion of the Baltimore Ravens being in the Super Bowl. It is longish and might make you angry and not at all surprised that in addition to football I love soccer. So, in other words, it’s pretty much like everything else I wrote for this site. Enjoy!

I was lucky enough to be alive and lucid for the Ravens’  Super Bowl XXXV[1] victory in Tampa. I remember repeatedly simulating every playoff game on my Sega Dreamcast. I remember every girl in my high school going nutty over a 24 year-old Brandon Stokley[2]. I remember a boon in the sale of car flags[3]. Most of all, I remember caring so very deeply about the Baltimore Ravens winning the Super Bowl.

Last month, as it became evident  that the Ravens were either intentionally or absentmindedly pulling a New York Giants and easing into the playoffs at near full strength, one thought dominated my mind that was a admittedly less ambitious than 12 years earlier: I just want to give a crap about the Super Bowl one more time.

As the statement on indicates, Ed Reed will be allowed to play against San Diego on Sunday with a slightly lighter pocket. Of course, the $423,529 game check would've been a bit more steep than the $50,000 fine he will now face. Here's what the league's hearing official, Ted Cottrell, had to say to Reed: "I have determined that your actions were…

Tom Matte, Baltimore Colt legend and local sports media personality, is doing an "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit at the moment. Some topics that have already come up include hatred of Bob Irsay, bounties during his playing days, and of course that fresh and interesting "is Joe Flacco 'elite?'" question. It's a pretty candid session so far. Here's Matte's take…

Few people, especially football coaches, will publicly acknowledge a moral victory. It’s seen as settling for less than success, which is of course a one-way path to unemployment in pro and big-time college sports.

However, I believe moral wins and losses do happen. Sometimes you lose a game, but you take away from it a tangible sense that something very positive was achieved. Sometimes you technically win a game, but gain very little.

It’s been a weird season for both the Ravens and the Terps. Here’s how I’d call their “moral win-loss” records so far.

Perhaps you see it differently. Moral wins and losses are obviously subjective. Still, we’d love to hear what you think of your football teams through seven games. So, Baltimore fans, what are the Ravens and Terps moral records so far?

Why are Randy Edsall and Stefon Diggs smiling? Because the five-star phenom, the divisive head coach and a stellar defense have willed Maryland into first place in the ACC’s Atlantic division.

After grinding out wins against Wake Forest and UVA, the Terps are now undefeated in conference play and control their destiny in the race to play in the ACC Championship game.

Thank you, 2012 Baltimore Orioles.

Thank you for reminding us that baseball can be fun, even more so when you’re playing for keeps. Thank you for reminding us that the game is not rigged. Maybe a little tilted, but not rigged. The powers that be can be disrupted by a special group of people. The 2012 Baltimore Orioles were, and are, a special group of people.

With all the Orioles Magic going on of late, it’s been easy to forget about the good football team playing just a couple hundred yards away. With Orioles dormant for so long, it’s understandable that there’d be a surge in public interest when one team is in the playoffs and the other is playing the Kansas City Chiefs in the middle of a beautiful afternoon. But just how much more are people interested in the Orioles than the Ravens right now? Take a gander at last year’s Google search results for United States users. That one little O’s spike was on Robert Andino night.

Now, let’s take a look at those same results during the same time frame this year:

Some rapid reaction to the Ravens’ 9-6 snoozefest win over the Chiefs:

The Ravens are a good football team who are going to win between 10 and 13 games. Not all of them are going to be pretty. Today certainly was not. The Chiefs couldn’t make the Ravens pay for any of their mistakes, and they made way too many themselves. This is the third 9-6 game in Ravens history, the first the Ravens have won. Let’s hope it’s the last one for a while.

Observations and musings after the bump.

Photo: Keith Allison

162 games in the books, and a lot left to be decided. Since we’ve got a day off of baseball today, let’s take a moment to reflect and hand out some awards!

These are the winners of all the major baseball awards if only the Orioles were eligible to win them.

Rolaids Relief Man Award
Jim Johnson: You know there’s an actual formula for this award? Well, don’t bother calculating.

Rookie of the Year
Manny Machado: Manny played too many games to be elibigle for RoY in 2013, and he happened to be stuck in a great class of MLB debutants this year. Still, the spark he provided both at the plate and at the hot corner over the last 50 games gives him the slight edge over L.J. Hoes.

A.J. Francis is hands-down the best Maryland athlete to follow on Twitter. He's smart, opinionated, funny and "gets it" in terms of life beyond football. He also made the best analysis of the Randy Edsall Era so far during tonight's presidential debate: You'll notice that this tweet is both RT'd and favorited. Regardless of your politics or conference affiliation, this…