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About an hour ago, the 2012 Baltimore Orioles became a playoff baseball team. "Magic," when you get down to brass tacks, is a way to explain the indefinable. My father-in-law, who doesn't follow baseball, asked me last night what was so different about the Orioles this year compared to the previous 14. I tried out a couple potential answers, citing…

Some rapid reaction to the Ravens' bizarre and emotional 31-30 win over the Patriots: The game ended as weirdly as it began with Bill Belichick attempting to arm-tackle an official on a narrowly good Justin Tucker field goal. The Ravens have finally beat the Pats in a regular season game, the AFC Championship is behind us, and the Ravens can…

Some quick observations after Marylands 24-21 loss to UConn, as the Terps fall to 2-1.
  • Stefon Diggs got his first TD reception on a weird tip from Marcus Leak (called it). Diggs was simply all over the field (213 total yards). He may find it less roomy out there once the Terps get into conference play, but for now, it’s been really exciting to see him with the football in his hands. He has also gone full-blown Steve Suter; fair catches are for pansies, apparently. His high school buddy Wes Brown looks just as legit, too.
  • This was on the “ACC Network,” which is less of a network and more of a graphics package that appears on your local station. I’m tired of these “networks” that aren’t really networks (looking at you, Longhorn Network). If you’re gonna be money-grabbing and obnoxious, at least get your own channel like the Big Ten. Also the corporate sponsors of the coverage were KISS’ new(!) albumHardee’s and Bojangles’. Seems worth mentioning.
  • For the all crap Maryland and Under Armour take about its uniform schizophrenia, it was refreshing to see the Terps back in the same uniform set from two weeks ago. Loving the white hats and the cleaned up jerseys.

In April, Maryland sitting at 2-0 going into the UConn game would have been expected.

In late August it seemed almost assured that things would have imploded by now. Don’t look now, but the Terps played two and a half good quarters last Saturday. Maryland has already equaled its win total from last season and has done so with freshman quarterback Perry Hills learning on the job.

The spotlight now shifts firmly to Randy Edsall, who spent a decade building UConn football, then left it via text message.

If last season’s primetime opening victory/knobtease against Miami was indicative of how the 2011 Maryland football season would go, then the 7-6 nail-biter over William & Mary should give us plenty of hope for 2012.

It was far from pretty and it was against a team that was being paid a quarter million dollars to be there, but it was still the first time in eleven months that the Terps got to sing “Maryland will win!” after, you know, Maryland actually winning.

People often use the term “decimated” incorrectly, when they are trying to evoke the notion of a group of people suffering heavy losses. Math nerds will note that the root,  “deci-,” means “one tenth.” It is in reference to Roman generals who would execute every tenth man in an underpforming unit. To use it in a sentence:

Randy Edsall and the injury bug have teamed up to decimate the Maryland football program.

A look at some of the current wagering options for the betting Baltimore fan. For entertainment purposes only, obviously. Ravens to win the Super Bowl (+1750, i.e. bet $100 to win $1750) The Ravens open up as the number six favorite to take home the Lombardi. Look, there's very little chance the Ravens don't make the playoffs this season. Still,…

Ripken's Gourmet Burgers Price: $9.99 (for 4 patties) at Giant Rating: Four Gold Gloves out of five Roseda Black Angus beef doesn't need the Iron Man to make delicious burgers, but I suppose Cal Ripken can move product in Baltimore like few others. The "Ripken" branded burgers are being sold in area stores exclusively at Giant, and although they are terrible…

Screen Shot 2012-08-29 at 11.57.13 PM

Much has been made of the fact, here and elsewhere, that crowds are not overwhelming Camden Yards despite the Orioles’ excellent play this season. By now, you’ve been provoked into anger or indifference about the myriad reasons why there were barely five figures worth of fans present on Monday night for a relatively crucial game in the developing playoff race.

It would be foolish, without a serious army of pollsters, to try and define why there weren’t that many people interested in going to watch the Orioles on Monday. I’m not going to speculate on the most commonly supposed reasons (hatred of ownership, culture of defeat, high prices, weather, parking, etc.), I’m just going to say that whatever reasons people had for not going, they were good enough. Do you know why? Because it’s not anyone’s duty or obligation to go to a sporting event. To suggest otherwise is to callously discard the free will of those “expected” to be there.