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Have you had enough of the worst played SB in history yet? If not, Yack, Rich and Jab talk to 1057 The Fan's afternoon co-host and friend of the show, Jeremy Conn, about his Peyton Manning love affair and how he watched SB50 without pants. The dope's add in their SB50 experiences' and how they thought Cam Newton handled himself after. They mix in some Redskins talk as well as give you their "Don't watch" Netflix and chill reviews to end the show. If you have any friends-at all-spread the word so TCB doesn't cancel our show 980-ManCave style.


The dope's open the show talking-what else-SNOW. Yes, SportsYack recounts his encounter with a Rob Deer in his yard, while The Rich Turpin recounts his "interaction" with a "hefty" neighbor about where he supposed to shovel his snow. That hack Jab chimes in with his Robin Hood type snow blowing prowess for his neighbors. They do recap the AFC and NFC Championship games and finish the program with a Yack rant about Kirk Cousin's Pro Bowl snub and some movie reviews.

What The Puck

On this week’s episode we discuss the historic blizzard that shut down DC, Baltimore, and all surrounding areas. We wonder if the games missed are a good thing or a bad thing. The Caps make history and have the best start in NHL history.