Image Credit: Keith Allison on Flickr

Adam Jones is definitely an All-Star this season.  No doubt about it.

But he should be voted in and not taken as a manger’s selection.  The guy freaking deserves the fan recognition for what has been a stellar first half of the season thus far.

On Tuesday, Major League Baseball unveiled it’s first ballot update for the 2012 MLB All-Star Game and Jones ranked fifth among American League outfielders in voting behind Josh Hamilton, Curtis Granderson, Nelson Cruz and Jose Bautista.

CBS Sports’ Danny Knobler tweeted later in the day that Rays outfielder B.J. Upton “was more surprised that Adam Jones isn’t in the top 3 in AL [outfielder] All-Star voting” than he was to see himself way down that list.

Upton shouldn’t be surprised, he knows all about getting overlooked in a small market.  And that’s exactly what’s happening to Jones so far.  When I look at AL outfield voting I don’t see Hamilton, Granderson, Cruz and Bautista —  I see Texas, New York, Texas and entire country of Canada.