It’s a damn shame that on the eve of Baltimore’s first home playoff game since 2006, I have to write about something so stupid.

Steve Kilar of The Baltimore Sun reports that Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs is putting the shackles on Ball So Hard University and his company, Team Sizzle Films Inc., is sending cease and desist letters to local t-shirt manufacturers using the slogan.

Suggs has reportedly filed five trademark applications to use Ball So Hard University and T-Sizzle.  His website is currently selling “officially licensed” BSHU clothing.

“These T-shirt people are guys sitting on a corner. … They don’t go through the proper channels,” Suggs’ manager Denise White said. “Terrell is trying to do it the right way. It’s his baby.”

Shouldn’t Suggs worry more about getting the Ravens to Indianapolis than branding a gimmicky fan slogan?  I mean, c’mon, his team is two wins away from the Super Bowl and he’s spending his time making sure Bob from Essex isn’t selling $10 shirts on Pratt Street with a phrase he took from a Jay-Z song.

Look, I’m a Suggs fan.  I talked about his awesome season in a blog post just last week and I think he’s the Defensive Player of the Year, but isn’t $63 million enough?  Do you really have to flex your muscles to the fans that fund your paycheck?

Last night on Twitter, Suggs tweeted to @T_SIZZLE_55, an unofficial Terrell Suggs page, and threatened to sue the owner for associating himself with the Ravens linebacker.

While it’s something petty and stupid, does it really matter?  Does Suggs really need to concern himself with a guy on Twitter that tweets about the Ravens?  Does he need to threaten to sue him?  And even if you feel he does, shouldn’t he be more concerned with the Texans?

It’s a shame because this is something that should have united Ravens fans.  It was something unique and something that was a storyline to a fun season.  Instead it’ll now be remembered as that thing that was killed by greed.


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