Baltimore tried desperately to get an expansion team when Paul Tagliabue was just willy-nilly handing them out to any lame city that wanted one in 1995. Instead, the then NFL commissioner told Baltimore to build a museum and gave franchises to two cities that continue to fail to support their teams.

Well done, Paul.

Not that we’re bitter or anything.

Should Baltimore have rightfully been granted a franchise in 1995, they would have been named the Baltimore Bombers (which I think is pretty cool) in honor of the B-26 Marauder, a World War II bomber designed in Charm City. This is what their logo would have looked like.

Baltimore Bombers uniforms
I could see myself supporting the Bombers. But hey, things worked out for us in the end.

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  1. The jerseys are pretty awesome. Also, bonus points for alliteration. But, the helmet looks like an arena football team’s.

  2. Baltimore actually had 3 different ownership groups vying for the franchise in 1995.

    Boogy Weinglass, an eccentric pony-tailed Baltimorean who made his money through a clothing company called “Merry Go Round” and sold such things as parachute pants and Michael Jackson Thriller jackets, wanted to name the team the “Rhinos”.

    The Glazer family, who now owns Manchester United and the Tampa Bay Bucs, liked the Bombers.

    Al Lerner, the guy who went on the own the “new Browns”, was also a potential owner of the Baltimore franchise.

    Barry Levinson should make a movie about the whole fiasco. And it was a fiasco.

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