Phil Hecken and the gang over at Uni Watch wrote an excellent post about the curious circumstances that abound when an existing franchise relocates and basically morphs into an “expansion team” (as the Browns did into the Ravens in 1996).  It raises some interesting points about team ownership vs. city “ownership.” Also it offers a glimpse into an awful parallel dimension where the “Baltimore Browns” are an NFL team.

It took us a couple tries to read the article though, because of the awful Baltimore Browns sweatshirt headlining the post. “Chill.” (!) It’s even that weird long-sleeve, no hood type of sweatshirt that only dads seem to wear anymore.

photo via Uni Watch

For our part, we think things worked out okay. The Colts had been in Indy for over a decade by the time the Browns moved, so it wouldn’t have been exactly cool to try and fight for that name. But thank God they didn’t bring the Browns name and colors with them. We don’t think any Baltimorean would say they’d rather be buying Browns gear than Ravens merch.