Baltimore Orioles match 2011 season wins total69 wins in 2011 and 69 wins in 2012.

With 36 games remaining on the schedule, the Baltimore Orioles matched their 2011 season win total after defeating the Blue Jays 8-2 on Saturday night. Whodathunkit?

Despite the dramatic turn around in Baltimore, Orioles skipper Buck Showalter still isn’t impressed. “I don’t think you’re going to find anybody in that locker room who knows that unless you tell them,” Showalter said according The Baltimore Sun’s Dan Connolly. “I think if someone had told us that was going to be the benchmark this year, they’d ask, ‘Who says that?’ Our guys, from Day 1 in spring training, have a loftier goal than having a better record than last year.”

Perhaps that “loftier goal” is a postseason berth. The Orioles are in a three-way tie with the Athletics and Rays for the AL Wild Card and find themselves four games back of the Yankees in the East.