I’m going to use this spot to discuss something that I think is totally and utterly ridiculous.  Auburn quarterback Cam Newton is once again under scrutiny for events that took place in the past, this time about being caught cheating while he was at the University of Florida.  Newton was also in the news a couple weeks ago when someone claiming to have represented him was accused of having accepted money from the Mississippi State while Newton was being recruited to play there.  Newton declined comment on the matter and stated, in so many words, that he wasn’t going to discuss things that happened over two years ago.  And I give him credit for doing just that.  He didn’t dwell on the first wave of allegations, which came during the roughest part of Auburn’s conference schedule.  Instead, he stepped on the field with his mind seemingly clear of all distractions, and did what he has been doing all season: win.

The Heisman hopeful has been the most electrifying and exciting player to watch in college football this season.  Not only has he thrown for 1,890 yards, rushed for 1,146 yards and accounted for 34 of his team’s touchdowns, he has also led his team to a 10-0 start and put them at the top of the college football world.  His 6-foot-6, 250-pound stature alone makes him a nightmare for teams to defend, so when you add in his ability to run around, over and through defenders, it makes him the best dual-threat quarterback we’ve seen since Vince Young.  And much like Young, Newton has the look and swagger of a winner.  Furthermore, he has the look of a guy who isn’t going to crumble under pressure or let outside influences affect his play on the football field.

My biggest question/problem with this whole array of allegations that are being thrown at Newton is that why do these people feel the need to bring all of this up now?  What is a former Mississippi State quarterback (John Bond) going to get out of saying that the person representing Newton received money from the institution while they were recruiting him?  Why the hell does he care?  The only logical reasons I can come up with his that he is jealous of Newton’s success or someone came to him and paid him to say something, which is no better than what allegedly happened in the first place.  And who would come forward and say Newton violated the University of Florida’s honor code after supposedly putting his name on another student’s paper?  What would possess someone to do this?  I know that’s a bombardment of questions to throw out there, but that’s just my point, I don’t understand any of it.

The good news is that it hasn’t been determined if any of these allegations are even true yet, so as of now they’re all still speculation.  For Newton’s sake, I hope it stays that way.  I wouldn’t want to see yet another college football player be punished because he violated NCAA rules (see my Reggie Bush defense rant).  Auburn and the Newton family have handled the turmoil well so far and have done a good job of trying to keep the focus on their ultimate goal, which is winning the national championship.  But despite everything that has come out or may come out portraying Newton in a negative light, you can almost rest assure it won’t influence the way he carries himself on the field.  This kid is special and you can bet he’s not going to let a few haters get in his way of success.

Submitted by Steve Giles