Jets linebacker and former Raven Bart Scott compared Mark Sanchez to Kyle Boller in quotes from an article in the New York Daily News. “Come on, man. I played with Kyle Boller for six years,” he said.

Scott was reacting to the recent offensive issues the Jets have faced in their last two games that caused head coach Rex Ryan to tell the media that he nearly benched Sanchez against the Dolphins.

“You think I haven’t seen anything like this before? I’ve been on teams that struggled offensively. It’s not my job to farm their land. It’s my job (for opponents) to not put points on the board.”

Scott also insisted he supports Ryan despite the coach’s critical comments about the defense.

“Things don’t always go the way you want to, but you don’t stop believing,” Scott said. “I bought in. I bought that ocean-front property. I bought into Rex, and I’m in it for the long haul.”

Things aren’t so fine and dandy in New York. No Cliff Lee and the Jets true colors are emerging. I can’t say that I feel bad, do you?