Image Credit: Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Say what you will about interleague baseball, but it puts buts in seats.

120,929 people visited our nation’s capital this weekend to watch the Orioles take two out of three in the Battle of the Beltways from the Nationals.  36,680 came out to game one on Friday, 42,331 on Saturday and 41,918 on Sunday for the series finale.

“We as players were impressed by the 3 game turnout for the Battle of the Beltways,” Adam Jones tweeted.  “That was awesome.”

I was fortunate enough to make the trip to D.C. on Friday and watch Nick Markakis hit the game winner in the 11th inning.  Even though Nationals Park isn’t far from home, it was nice to hear the Orioles fans support the team on the road.  I’m sure the players were appreciative of the support as well.