Today on ZardCast, the guys welcome Wiz of Awes Editor Ben Mehic to the show following a win over the New York Knicks to talk about everything wrong with the Washington Wizards including needing star performances from John Wall to beat bad teams. Later, CT and Dave discuss the circus that was Golden State coming to town, John Wall and Steph Curry dueling, a podcast business meeting goes all wrong at the 76ers game and another terrible loss in Charlotte. Plus: Pop Culture Detour on The People vs. OJ Simpson.

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Topics discussed include:

  • The guys convene following a win over the New York Knicks and are joined by Wiz of Awes Editor Ben Mehic
  • Running down a close win over the Knicks that the Wizards nearly blew. It sucks we need superstar performances from John Wall to barely beat bad Eastern Conference teams
  • Ben says there’s no downside to firing Randy Wittman
  • Are you a believer in the narrative that they’ll take advantage of a weak schedule, Alan Anderson coming back and playing well? Ben doesn’t think the Wizards are capable
  • His biggest complaint is Ernie Grunfeld’s roster construction
  • Does Kevin Durant love his cousins?
  • Is uncertainty around Otto Porter a thing? The Wizards just figured out he’s best at the four position
  • Kris Humphries returns from injury, shoots a three
  • Ben says Alan Anderson has the best handshake game
  • Check out Wiz of Awes new podcast, Taking Care of Wizness
  • Golden State Warriors come to town and it’s like the goddamn circus showed up
  • Steph Curry goes nuts and 7 threes, scores 25 in the first quarter. Ends up with 51 total
  • John outplays him for the next three quarters, scoring a season high 41
  • Warriors able to fend off Washington in an entertaining game
  • ZardCast was in the building for the Wizard’s win over Philadelphia
  • CT gets the all you can drink package, Dave and Duncan wanted to utilize the outing to talk business
  • Duncan is heated at CT for not taking things serious, doesn’t post for the podcast
  • John Wall notches a triple double
  • Zards really know how to lose in horrific fashion when in Charlotte, did the same thing back in November
  • Jared Dudley is shooting 47% from three, not invited to the three point challenge during All Star Weekend
  • CT is not watching the NBA All Star game over The Walking Dead
  • “This Week in John Wall” — Dabbling in the John Well
  • Where do you stand on John shooting more jumpers?
  • Pop Culture Detour: Discussing The People vs. OJ Simpson
  • Get over Cuba Gooding Jr. and David Schwimmer already, they’re actors