Ben Roethlisberger injuredIt sure seems like we’ve seen this movie before. Ben Roethlisberger leaves with an injury, reports indicate that he’ll be out for several weeks, then he dramatically returns to the field the following week and heroically leads his team to victory.

So will this time be any different?

It’s tough to tell right now. Jason La Canfora of reports that the Steelers are preparing for life without Roethlisberger for “at least a few weeks”. The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback suffered a sprained shoulder.

Trent Dilfer, who happened to suffer 11 shoulder separations himself, says he can’t see Roethlisberger’s injury being short term.

This would obviously mean that Big Ben would be on the bench for at least part one of the Ravens-Steelers meeting. Depending on the severity of the injury, he could miss both bouts of this fight.

Whether Roethlisberger suits up or not, the Ravens are taking the momentum of their 35 point victory into Pittsburgh against a team that eked out a win against the lowly Kansas City Chiefs in overtime.


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  1. The NFL is becoming more and more like the WWF every day. “The Plot thickens this week as we determine whether Ben “Potato Head” Roethlisberger will make a triumphant return to the gridiron…” Play the damn games without all the drama, I feel like I’m watching Survivor or something.

  2. You can’t win in this case. Either A) The Ravens play the Sticklers and win because BEN is not on the field or B) BEN some how musters enough strength to get on the field and is a hero. Same stupid story every year with this guy.

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