Despite what the scoreboard said after time expired on Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium, two Bengals players think their team is better than the Baltimore Ravens.

Cincinnati tight end Jermaine Gresham told the media after the game on Sunday that he believes the Bengals are better than both the Ravens and the Steelers.  “In my mind, we’re better than those teams,” Gresham told the Baltimore Sun (behind the paywall). “They’re great teams and everything, but I think big mistakes killed ourselves in some areas, and we just have to get better.”

Linebacker Rey Maualuga agreed with his teammate’s assessment.  “We fought back and did what we could, but we still have this sour taste in our mouths because we felt that we were the better team.”

That’s some brave talk from guys that have two more games against the Ravens and Steelers.  Something tells me Cinci will fall flat again in weeks 13 and 17 just as they always seem to do down the stretch.