I might be the only person not talking about Michael Jackson’s funeral or the Steve McNair murder investigation today.

Image Courtesy of the Baltimore Sun

This road trip has been brutal for the Orioles, as predicted.

Last night Brad Bergesen got the loss in six innings of work in which he surrendered four runs, three earned. Bergy was off and everyone knew it.

“He was off today and didn’t have his great stuff, but yet he still gave us a chance to win,” his catcher Matt Wieters said.

Bergesen recorded a quality start in the loss and continues to prove that he’s a guy that gives the Orioles a chance to win every single time he takes the mound.

Bergesen is 4-1 with a 2.31 ERA in his last eight starts. He pitches fast, uses his sinker as an out pitch, and goes the distance. He’s a guy that has said he pays no attention to pitch counts and has performed well enough to contend as Rookie of the Year.

Many have coined Bergesen as the unofficial ace of the Orioles rotation. He’s definitely performed like the ace, but so did Jeremy Guthrie last season.

The O’s arsenal of arms stretches deep into the minor league system and Bergy is suppose to be one of the lesser talents off the farm. If Brad continues to perform the way he does and he becomes a three or four starter, then the future is bright for Oriole pitching.