Bernard PollardBernard Pollard seems more frustrated by the Ravens current three-game losing streak than most fans in Baltimore. I didn’t know that was possible.

“We’re not good at a lot of things right now. We’re going to be exposed. We’ve been exposed,” Pollard told the team’s official website. “And now it’s time for us to go back to work and figure out how we can fix that?”

The Ravens defense has been decimated with injuries, however the offense — the real problem in my opinion — hasn’t and continues to underperform.

“We got to make a freaking run,” Pollard added. “For us, man, we dug a hole. We can’t complain. We did it. We [threw] this thing away. We [threw] it away. As a team, we got to come together and we got to fix it. Everybody is talking about, ‘What happened?’ Well, what happened is us.”


“We are the problem. We have to fix this issue. Everybody is talking about, ‘Well, you’re in the playoffs,’ Well, who cares? Because the way we’ve played, who cares about the playoffs? If we don’t fix it, that’s going to carry over to the playoffs. And we don’t want that to happen. We have to come together.”

I love it. It’s nice to hear from someone that wants to fix it. It’s nice to hear some actual answers. They certainly aren’t coming from the head coach.