Food as the ballpark has been a popular topic on the interwebs.  Our own Steve Giles posted a great piece about eats and drinks in baseball stadiums and last week Yahoo’s Big League Stew highlighted new foods at stadiums during this season.  Strangely omitted was Baltimore’s new food additions at Camden Yards, thankfully that was changed in their second list of the newest MLB concessions.

While everyone knows that National Bohemian has returned to the home of the Orioles, few are talking about the ability to eat a Berger Cookie at the ballpark this season.

Enter Berger Cookies, baked goods that have been a Baltimore specialty for 175 years. They’re stacked like black-and-white cookies, except minus the white: picture cakey vanilla wafer cookies topped with a thick layer of chocolate ganache. Berger Cookies are delish, and my future brother-in-law from Baltimore swears by them even though he’s not a dessert guy.

Berger cookies and Natty Boh at Camden Yards on a warm summer evening, what could be better?