In the latest in the Buck Showalter and Baltimore Orioles managing saga, Ken Rosenthal is reporting on a few guys that could join his coaching staff. The list includes Mark Connor, Showalter’s pitching coach with the Yankees, Diamonbacks and Rangers, Brian Butterfield his third base coach in New York and Arizona and two former Orioles B.J. Surhoff and Bill Ripken.

Rosenthal wrote, “Sources say Showalter also is fond of former major-league second baseman Bill Ripken, who began his career with the Orioles. B.J. Surhoff, another former Oriole, also would be a possibility for the staff.”

Buck isn’t the only person fond of Bill Ripken, I think he’d be an even better fit on the coaching staff than Cal. Those “lead by example guys” don’t seem to translate into great motivators. Billy was always an in your face type guy, I’d love to see him back in an Orioles uniform.