As the Vikings head coaching job opens with Brad Childress’ firing it’s time once again to ponder whether Raven’s Super Bowl XXXV winning head coach Brian Billick will get another shot. While it seems that a lot of Ravens fans ask this question whenever a job opens up, the likelihood of Billick being hired or even actively pursuing new work in the NFL are much greater this go around.

Both Jason Garrett in Dallas and Leslie Frazier in Minnesota have been named interim coaches for their respective teams, which means the owners of those two franchises have committed to hiring from the outside. Jerry Jones has stressed this point to the media, despite two wins from his former wonder-boy offensive coordinator. Though that could change as things seem to in Dallas.

Billick, who had three years left on his contract when he was let go by owner Steve Bisciotti will stop making $5 million a year after this season and though he hasn’t been actively pursued for other head coaching positions since 2007, he may have been waiting for those checks to stop rolling in from Owings Mills.

His connections to Minnesota as an offensive coordinator prior to becoming the head coach in Baltimore make him an obvious candidate for an interview from ownership. Although I believe they would have to check with Brett Favre before making the hire…

Billick’s general attitude, which was always on display in Baltimore during his nine seasons in Baltimore my also be attractive in Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. In recent comments to Billick discussed that attitude, “I am arrogant; I am egotistical,” Billick said. “You know a coach who isn’t? What some people arrogance, I call convictions. What some call ego, I call passion. Within a certain context, I don’t know a coach who isn’t arrogant. You better believe you have the answer, or at least know the questions.”

However, Billick did stress that he has not talked to Jerry Jones about the opening.

Billick’s numbers speak for themselves, 85-67 record in nine seasons, 5-3 in the playoffs and a Super Bowl ring. Now may be the time he puts the headset back on again.